What Makes a Great OSD Chapter Leader

Our OSD Chapters are the backbone of our local outreach. However, if Chapters are to be successful, they must have a strong Chapter Leader at the helm. But what makes a great Chapter Leader? It is actually pretty simple.

An OSD Chapter Leader is driven to serve selflessly in their community while being personally accountable for their own actions. They can be a veteran or civilian, but these individuals must understand that community growth happens through a combination of clear purpose, collaboration, and individual leadership. Successful OSD Chapter Leaders have 5-10 hours a week for volunteering their time which includes event planning and community development, but most importantly, leadership, mentorship, and management of their team. An OSD Chapter Leader knows how to delegate and motivate and believes that force-multiplying is an effective method for growth. Lastly and most importantly, an OSD Chapter Leader understands that growing a community takes time, effort, and consistency.

While an OSD Chapter is lead by a single Chapter Leader, they can’t do it alone. The Chapter Leader is a volunteer that is then looking to “force-multiply” by identifying and encouraging complementary leadership roles in the chapter which focus on the 3 Pillars: Social Connectivity, Professional Development, and Servant Leadership.

Historically we’ve seen that as the OSD Chapter leader focuses on the management and growth of events, they need someone to help drive growth and outreach. This position is most often a Community Engagement Specialist who is responsible for outreach and recruiting within the OSD Chapter geography. Of parallel importance to this position is finding an individual to lead the first monthly recurring event. As a Chapter continues to grow, there are number leadership positions they might consider adding. We encourage Chapters to work with their Regional Director when deciding what positions might be beneficial to add as growth continues.

While the entire OSD Chapter structure does report directly into OSD’s Chief Community Officer, often through a Regional Director, we ensure that individual Chapters have autonomy to adapt to the demographics, interest, and climate of the area. So long at the OSD Mission, Purpose and Values lead the way, there is a lot an OSD Chapter can do to make an impact in the local community.

If you are interested in becoming a Chapter Leader but don’t have an OSD Chapter in your area, be sure to check out our post on How to Start a New OSD Chapter.