#WeAreOSDWednesday – Mark Marquez – OSD Austin

Chapter: Austin  
OSD Affiliation: Member/Volunteer
OSD Member Since: April 2018

Why did you join OSD?
“I wanted to meet awesome people and to help our veterans and the community.” 

What has been your favorite event with OSD? 
“Each and every event is special in its own way! I love it all. It feels so awesome just to be a part of OSD.”

How do you personally serve your community through OSD? 
“I volunteer in any events possible no matter what it might be.” 

What inspires you?
“God has inspired me a lot. OSD allows me to serve and help those in need. Just helping and serving feels awesome and great in every way. OSD has great people that just make you feel like your family.”

What is your favorite book? Why? 

“The Bible because it gives me strength and courage to do things with love and compassion.” 

How has OSD impacted you and your family’s life? 
“It has given us a lot of joy to give back to those who have served or are serving.” 

What would you say to someone considering joining OSD? 
“If you want a life-changing experience and love helping people, OSD is where you should be.” 

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