#WeAreOSDWednesday – Jay McDonnell – OSD London Ontario

Region: Northwest
Chapter: London Ontario  
OSD Affiliation: Chapter Leader 
OSD Member Since: 2015 

Why did you join OSD?
“A friend from work was telling me about OSD and said he wanted to start a team here in London. It would be the first team in Canada and he needed a a civilian co-leader and asked if i wanted it.” 

What has been your favorite event with OSD? 
“All the events we do here in London are awesome, but i think the ‘Supply Drop’ we did at the Wolseley Barracks sticks out the most because it was our first one.”

How do you personally serve your community through OSD? 
“Volunteer at the Remembrance Gardens and any other event we can find that would help the community and get our name out there.” 

What inspires you?

What is your favorite book? Why? 

“I am not the biggest reader, but i do enjoy any Marvel graphic novel or Walking Dead book.” 

How has OSD impacted you and your family’s life? 
“At the Remembrance Gardens there is a tree and stone dedicated to my grandfather who was a WW2 Veteran, once my daughter is older I can take her there to remember him, and it gives my dad somewhere to remember his father.” 

What would you say to someone considering joining OSD? 
“Do it! Get out and volunteer in anyway you can!” 

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