#WeAreOSDWednesday – Brittany Willkie – OSD Southeast

Region: Southeast
OSD Affiliation: Member/Volunteer
OSD Member Since: February 2018

Why did you join OSD?
“Thanks to my parents, I’ve always loved volunteering and I have a special place in my heart for our servicemen and women, so why not OSD!

What has been your favorite event with OSD? 
“My favorite event with OSD has been the supply drop at Luke Air Force Base. It was heart-warming knowing those supplies went to individuals serving our country and seeing the excitement on the man’s face when he said, ‘They’re going to LOVE these.'”

How do you personally serve your community through OSD? 
“I personally serve my community through OSD by volunteering at a horse rescue ranch.”

What inspires you?
“Empowering others, passionate and genuine individuals, and traveling.”

What is your favorite book? Why? 

“The Untethered Soul by Michael A. Singer because it guides you to think deeply about who you are and allows you to view yourself in a way others view you, not how YOU think others view you. Cliche, but it’s my ‘soul food’ book.” 

How has OSD impacted you and your family’s life? 
“OSD has impacted my life because volunteering allows me to continue to do what I love – giving back to the community and our servicemen and women.”

What would you say to someone considering joining OSD? 
“Do it! Try something new! What better way to give back than with an organization that gives to those who fight for our freedom. Plus, you’re making a difference and I feel most people love to know they’ve changed lives. ”

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