#WeAreOSD – Devin Givens – OSD Seattle

OSD Affiliation: Team Leader
OSD Member Since: May 2015

Why did you join OSD?
“I joined OSD because I was looking for a community to meet people in. When I found OSD, or rather when OSD found me, I met some lifelong friends that have pushed and inspired me to do more to better myself and the community.!

What has been your favorite event with OSD? 
“It’s very hard to pinpoint one event to be my favorite. Because of my personal history, I am ecstatic when we have a new member show up for a second consecutive event because that is visible proof that what we are doing is affecting people to a point that they get involved.”

How do you personally serve your community through OSD? 
“I mainly help organize the social side of events for the Seattle Chapter but have had a hand in the majority of the events for the Seattle team.” 

What inspires you?
“Seeing the change we make in peoples lives, working together as a team to accomplish goals, and innovation.”

What is your favorite book? Why? 

“The Pendragon Series by D.J. MacHale.” 

How has OSD impacted you and your family’s life? 
“OSD gave me a reason to get out of the house and back into a community after what was nearly 6 years of minimal human interaction. OSD helped me get over some serious social anxiety and taught me leadership and team communication skills that I likely would not have had the opportunity to develop otherwise. My family has been extremely thankful. I have been doing much better off since finding OSD.”

What would you say to someone considering joining OSD? 
“OSD isn’t just for those that have served. OSD is a community of men, women, and children whether they’re veterans or civilians. I joined OSD having no personal relation to anyone in any branch of the military. I have always respected our armed forces, but I now have a deep level of respect and understanding of what has been sacrificed and continues to be sacrificed daily for our freedom. Simply coming to have dinner and see a movie with our teams while everyone shares stories could impact a member in a way you never thought possible.”

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