[Watch] ‘We Are The Mighty’ Shows the Impact Operation Supply Drop Delivers to the Veteran Community

We Are the Mighty has been an amazingly supportive of our military, our veterans and Operation Supply Drop.  In honor of our nearly 6 YEARS they took their veteran driven, creative powers to show you the BIG picture of what Operation Supply Drop is truly about.  Sit back, enjoy and #MakeItCount.

Operation Supply Drop started in 2010 as program for delivering video game care packages overseas to help make fun where there is none. In the past 6 years that effort has grown to affect more 300 different units across the globe with over 500,000 video games dropped and on-post gaming events like the Armed Forces Cup!

But OSD doesn’t just provide fun for service members abroad, the other half of their key efforts focus on providing community activities for the vets and military families back home in the States. OSD impacts the lives of 215 veterans every day, helping to integrate service members back into the civilian community through local OSD team activities with veterans and civilians alike.