Veteran Created Game ‘Hull Breach’ Featured on Kickstarter

Many at Operation Supply Drop (OSD) are Veterans.  More than that, they’re gamers.  Be it cards on the ship while the power is out, or playing rock band at a Forward Operating Base, games are one of those things that have the true power to heal a lot of the invisible wounds brought on by simply serving.  OSD’s mission directly impacts Veteran’s lives by not only supplying those games, but also by directly interacting with Veterans through Streams, the Teams, and Thank You Deployments.

We had the opportunity to meet with the military active duty Veteran creator of Hullbreach, at the Playthrough Gaming Convention in Raleigh, NC this year.  After playing the game, we knew we wanted to have a partnership with its creator to bring this fun to those deployed, in military hospitals or to military installations around the world.

Hull Breach is a Sci-Fi card and dice game by Not-So-Broken Games. They combine LCG and deck-building elements with real world military tactics.  Strategy and tactics show off their use in this unique and play at your own pace style game.

Hull Breach has generously enabled participants in their Kickstarter Campaign to purchase games directly for a supply drop!  Purchase a copy of “Hull Breach: In Defiance of Dictators” for a Veteran! When you do, an additional $5 of that sale will be donated for operational costs of the organization as well as the copy of the game you purchased for your Veteran to play and enjoy. NSB Games was founded by Veterans and they proudly support Operation Supply Drop‘s mission of putting great games into the hands of Veterans in order to provide quality fun to those who need it most.

Click here to learn more about their Kickstarter campaign, and how you can “play games; support troops!”

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