USMC Officer Joins OSD to Strengthen Veteran Community

For Marine Corps Colonel Dan Whisnant, Operation Supply Drop plays a key role in building a community that active duty military members, service members and veterans need as they progress into life after the military.

“OSD builds a sense of community and belonging. Plain and simple, it’s a network that you can go to for the resources and opportunities that you need, whether you’re deployed, serving at home or a veteran,” Col. Whisnant said.

Whisnant, who will serve on OSD’s advisory board, looks forward to bringing a unique perspective to the organization.

“As someone who has deployed and been back home, I understand some of the issues that are unique to service members and veterans,” he said. “A lot of transitioning service members and veterans don’t realize the skills and experiences that they have to offer. I want to help them realize that potential.”

OSD Chief Executive Officer Glenn Banton is equally excited to bring Col. Whisnant aboard.

“Col. Whisnant brings 29 years of military experience to the organization,” Banton said, “His background and understanding are key to helping us tailor Operation Supply Drop to best fit service members’ and veterans’ needs.”

Founded in 2010, Operation Supply Drop is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization focused on building a community of service members, veterans and civilian supporters to tackle such issues as suicide, homelessness and unemployment. OSD is the world’s most generationally relevant veteran support organization, serving U.S., NATO and ANZAC service members and veterans through three core programs: The Teams, local volunteer communities; Supply Drops, video game care packages and morale building events; and Thank You Deployments which offer exclusive VIP experiences to service members both past and present. To date, OSD has served over 75,000 veterans, active-duty and military families worldwide.

Anyone wishing to increase the awareness of OSD and the services that it offers can visit for more information.


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