Making Fun Where There is None for USAF RED HORSE Unit deployed to Kuwait

It can’t always be about finding and closing with enemy forces. A large number of units sent overseas aren’t going over to kick doors and capture high value targets; they’re there to support the bearded gentlemen who do. While there are definitely support units who are out in the thick of it and will have awesome stories to tell their grandkids, many more just go over there and have extremely mundane missions, such as the folks from RED HORSE. We at Operation Supply Drop know these units more than ever need us to “Make Fun Where There is None.”

RED HORSE is the acronym the Air Force came up with for “Rapid Engineer Deployable: Heavy Operational Repair Squadron Engineers.” These are the folks that get sent in to repair airfields that our airborne forces jump on for follow up operations. However, as our airborne forces aren’t currently seizing airfields from the Taliban at this point in our forward operations, RED HORSE units like Joshua’s are getting sent to build up random bases around the Middle East.

Joshua, sent in his request, “I was wondering what your process was for selecting locations for donations was. I am currently deployed to Kuwait and will be moving to begin working on a year long project to improve the ramp for troops coming into country. The area that we will be living in has very few amenities and I figured I would message you to find out if we could apply for some supplies you may have. It never hurts to ask! Thanks for being awesome regardless; I have plenty of friends over here who have been effected by your charity and it really makes the deployments go by a lot quicker when we can have fun in our free time. Here is what is left from the previous deployment crew and none of the electronics work, and the DVDs that they left us.”

While it’s not uncommon for a unit to strip out all the gear they brought with them, usually the outgoing unit will hand most everything over to the new guys as a “Hey, we don’t care, we’re outta here” mind set.

We made sure to send a drop their way to make sure they had something to do in the long hours they’ve got when they’re not pouring concrete or driving fork lifts.

They were most certainly appreciative!

Joshua wrote back, “We got the supply drop and have been playing the games and taking pictures its turns out a lot more people really like playing then I thought and are having a lot of fun; thank you for sending it!” Joshua continued, “They love the shirts they really want more. Thanks again you guys have really made a difference in the morale here very quickly!”

That’s what we love to hear!