US Army 125th Transportation Company Deployed Overseas from Kentucky Morale Boosting ‘Supply Drop’ Incoming from OSD

LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY & FAYETTEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA (March 6, 2018) /For immediate release/ — Soldiers of the 125th Transportation Company are currently deployed to undisclosed locations overseas. With an urgent request for morale support, OSD has fast tracked a ‘Supply Drop’ for these men and women.


SSG Christopher S., said, “This unit has started to come together, but is in desperate need of morale boosters.  Our unit is always on the go and trying help set up new areas of operation (AOs) and provide support for existing AOs.”

“As you would know that when you start somewhere new you have to build up everything from scratch with being said we usually do without and roll on with what we can with what support can.”


Christopher added, “I think that the unit has improved and will improve many more AO”s for mission accomplishment and spread the support for the cause to better off these places.”


This “Supply Drop” is made possible by generous donors including Starbucks, Microsoft, Disgruntled Decks, USAA, GAEMS and other key OSD partners, individual donors and community members.

Laeth Damon, Army Veteran and OSD Warehouse Manager, stated, “Being constantly on the move, whether it’s a support or combat role is taxing on our troops. We’re confident that the supplies we’re sending with continue to build their unit and increase their effectiveness while deployed.”


OSD’s “Supply Drop” program has impacted hundreds of thousands of active military personnel in scores of locations around the globe.


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