Texas Based Field Artillery Unit Deployed to Djibouti Cools Down with Hot Supply Drop

More often than not, overseas Supply Drops are sent to Iraq and Afghanistan, and have been for over five year. Increasingly, as we expand global military operations, we’ll have a drop request come in from somewhere in the supporting range of the “Global War of Terror” fight.

Jayson wrote in from Djibouti, Africa, “I am stationed in Djibouti, in the continent of Africa…hey gotta say thanks for what you are doing, a lot of gamers are out here, working hard in this unbearable heat, we work 12 hours on watch day and night, keeping this post safe from harm. I’d love for you support us, and many others in my unit are very enthusiastic about it as well…thank you, again!”

Naturally, as a different area of operations than what we’re used to sending supply drops to, we we’re more than happy to help Jayson and his artillery battery out with one.

Upon receipt of the multi-package Supply Drop, Jayson wrote back, “I’m tearing up, just to say thank you, and I think, I speak for all of us. Thank you, a lot of people kinda forget what motivation, they came out here with. Seeing this box, I believe made people feel it again. You are [amazing], and do amazing things, you and your team all are. We all enjoy positivity, you are one of the people that give us that. Again, thanks so so so so much. It’s the final stretch soon, and some I’m sure would love something like this. Some have gotten “Dear John” letters, and nothing like video games to release the frustration out. Thanks again man for all your help, and all you do brother, thanks a million bro.”

Our pleasure. We are the Community. We are OSD.