Special Operations Veteran, Raymond Whitaker, named COO of Operation Supply Drop

Today I am excited to announce the addition of Raymond Whitaker to the Operation Supply Drop executive leadership team as my Chief Operating Officer with the unanimous support of our Board of Directors.  Ray has been an integral part of helping me shape Operation Supply Drop over the last few months and his addition into the leadership team is one that I knew would occur quickly.

Ray recently retired as a Sergeant Major after spending 21 years in the United States Army.  He has held various leadership roles inside the military to include the United States Army Special Operations Command preparing him for this challenging position.

During his military service, Ray deployed multiple times in support of combat operations to Iraq, Afghanistan and other many other locations around the world.  He was called upon numerous times to fill positions that were outside of his duties and specialty based on his ability to develop positive outcomes to the hardest problem set.  He has extensive management skills throughout all levels of the military and is known inside the military as a well rounded leader, innovator and motivator.  He will absolutely assist us with shaping the future of Operation Supply Drop in the coming years.

Ray has a Bachelors in Business Management and has an unique ability to motivate those around him and stresses the importance of taking initiative so nothing is forgotten or lost.   He currently lives in North Carolina with his wife and son.

I asked Ray why he found a home at OSD and he said: “No matter why you join the military, you learn quickly that the overwhelming reason you do it is to give back to those around you and your country.  To fight for and protect your brothers and sisters that stand beside you along with your family, friends and acquaintances you have at home.  Operation Supply Drop instantly resonated with me as a way to leave the military and continue to do that.  I wanted to be part of an organization that puts military veterans and their supporters as their most important asset.  It was apparent to me after the first day, this was the case with OSD.  I am truly honored and humbled at the fact I get the opportunity to impact those that need it.  This is a unique opportunity for me as I continue doing what I have done throughout my military career which is to support those that selflessly put themselves in situations to protect our freedoms and rights no matter what country they are from.

As the COO, I want to help move Operation Supply Drop forward and build upon an already powerful mission statement.  This includes assisting with the management, strategic/tactical level planning and monitoring of programs to ensure we are successful from an internal leadership view point as well as to those we are supporting through the organization.  Time will be devoted to building short-term and long-term strategic plans where we take the mission-orientated goals from the Board of Directors and executive leadership, develop a plan with OSD leadership and ensure the goals are attained inside the established timelines.  All focused on delivering more support to veterans and their supporters all across the world.”

Glenn Banton


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