Serving our Heroes On and Off the Water in the 18th Annual NuStar “Casting for a Cure”

Members of Operation Supply Drop from Central Texas traveled to Port Aransas, TX to support chapters of Heroes on the Water during the NuStar Fishing TournamentCasting for a Cure” that was held September 29th through October 1st. This was NuStar’s 18th year of the tournament, but a first for Operation Supply Drop.

Heroes on the Water helps our nation’s warriors and Veterans from all branches of the United States Military unwind using the therapeutic qualities of fishing from kayaks. As is often the case with therapy, what appears on the surface to be simple is far more complex. OSD Teams Program Director Scott Morrison, said of the weekend, “What looks like a day trip of paddling and fishing is, in fact, something much deeper and long-lasting.” In this case, paddling and fishing were relationships being formed, trust established, and numerous local and national charities benefiting from the money raised by the event.

The therapeutic aspects of the trip fit well into Operation Supply Drop’s Community Programs. Redeployment and integration are two of the greatest challenges to the modern military, and Operation Supply Drop is uniquely positioned to help connect troops with each other and with solutions. Other OSD programs to address active-duty military and Veteran needs include: Respawn (“The Healing Power of Gaming”), Professional Development Workshops, Thank You Deployments, Team Building Outings, and Homeless Veteran Support.

Of course, you can’t fish on an empty stomach, so OSD members brought down a BBQ trailer and fed the Wounded Warriors deer, wild hog, tuna, and salmon. After dinner each night, there was time set aside to talk, get to know each other, prepare for the next day, and – of course – to have fun.