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Veterans who believe service members lack the mental health care they need


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Veterans impacted through Respawn

What is Respawn?

Led by Chief Medical Officer and 20-year US Army Veteran, Erik S. Johnson, MS OTR/L, our Respawn program provides medically acceptable therapy through gaming, technology and innovation. We support individual veterans as well as military medical facilities and Warrior Transition Battalions. Gaming is proven to positively impact recovery and directly help with cognitive processing, balance, range of motion, psychosocial interaction and overall well-being.

Why is Respawn important?

With over 20 veterans committing suicide each day and hundreds of thousands more fighting their own mental and physical battles, we cannot limit the methods for recovery. Respawn provides equipment and support for transitioning veterans as well as contributes to workshops for medical professionals and occupational therapists wanting to know how they can incorporate additional hardware and software technology into their own practices. In both cases, these individuals are then welcomed into and supported by our community.

Respawn off the press

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