Respawn: Going International with the Healing Power of Gaming

I’m incredibly excited to share about my upcoming adventures as the Chief Medical Officer for Operation Supply Drop. This week I am traveling to Alicante, Spain to speak to an international audience of Occupational Therapists and students. Over the next several months and years, you’ll see me taking a lot of these types of trips to show the potential that Video Games can bring to the medical world. Some of my presentations that I have lined up this year will take me to California, Georgia, and Philadelphia.

As an Occupational Therapist in the Army, you are tasked to assume a large amount of responsibility in regards to patient care and clinical mastery. With the assumption of all this responsibility, I always felt that it was incredibly important to spread the message of the amazing work that we were doing. The biggest questions that follow that are:

  • Does anybody care?
  • Why does it matter?

Bottom line up front, people care and yes, it does matter.

In 2006 one of my long time mentors, COL(Ret) Bobbi Amaker challenged me to submit a proposal for the American Occupational Therapy Association annual conference. She told me that “just” being an Army OT wasn’t going to be good enough and that we all have a story to tell. For the next 10 years I spent a lot of time sharing those stories and teaching other OTs how to optimize their treatment plans for positive outcomes.

The reason that all of this is important to share is because nothing has changed since I’ve teamed up with Operation Supply Drop. Sharing and teaching on the healing power of video games is essential as we’re a population of humans diving head first into a world that is turning to technology everywhere we look. My trip to Spain is an important one as it give us an opportunity to speak to an international audience. Some of you may not know that OSD has a strong relationship with our NATO allies and have looked for opportunities to collaborate with our brothers and sisters in arms that serve in other countries. My message in Spain will be one that encourages practitioners to be passionate about each patient they work with. This includes a very up front approach with those individuals and will push them to get outside of their comfort zone when doing treatment planning. I’m going to be spending a good amount of time in talking about gaming and the potential application to practice. Look for a follow up post that will outline some of the key points I make! Should be some good information! Remember that you can follow my @OTunleashed on twitter for live updates from Spain! See you on the other side!


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