Welcome Aboard Scott “Mo” Morrison – Program Director of The Teams

Twenty-seven years in the Army develops skills in men and women that are highly sought after in the civilian world. Many abilities can be taught over time, but some, like leadership, are intangible. From his time as a paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne when he was a junior enlisted soldier, to his time as a Ranger Instructor at the Florida Ranger Camp to his numerous assignments as a Sergeant Major within the Special Operations Command, Sergeant Major (Retired) Scott Morrison experienced so much more than most men his age would dream of in a lifetime. These experiences helped shape the man he became and taught him valuable lessons along the way. Twenty-seven years later, it would be these skills that are so highly sought after which lead to a request for him to head up Operation Supply Drop’s ambitious, yet challenging, program – The Teams – as its Program Director.

Those years in between his first and last day of enlistment were, by no means, easy. As a young soldier climbing the ranks within the Army, Scott encountered his fair share of challenges. From the moment he enlisted, he knew he always had to take on the next toughest task, whether it be a field op in North Carolina or serving in Desert Storm with his fellow soldiers by his side. As time went on, he soon realized he had a natural ability to help develop people to be the best they could be, a sign of a true leader. With this newfound realization, he signed up to become a Ranger Instructor where he found it extremely rewarding to teach soldiers to become Rangers. However, the challenges wouldn’t stop there. A short while later, as he continued to shine, he joined the Special Operations Command where he would spend the last 17 years of his enlistment working with the many heroic service members within his command, helping to develop them as both soldiers and leaders. He traveled the  world setting up training events and establishing venues for his personnel to better themselves in service to their country. His hard work, leadership, and dedication to the men and women of the Special Operations Command are some of the things that inspired his son to enlist in the Army and become a Ranger.

So, it was only natural that, when OSD approached him with an opportunity to help organize people and develop them to become better leaders, he would accept the opportunity. The Teams, a program developed by OSD to bring veterans, active duty members, and civilians together, is a perfect fit for the skills that he brings. Scott, barely out of the Army, jumped in feet first, initially as a volunteer, and started reaching out to his team leaders to find out what they needed most. Their unanimous response? Help! They needed guidance on how to be a better team leader, how to grow their team, and how to organize their own events. It became apparent that the resources provided by OSD were there – all that was needed was a focused leader to help move the program forward.

Just a month into his service with OSD and the effects are already visible. Team leaders have become more confident in their abilities to grow their teams, more events are being planned and, more importantly, everyone is having fun creating a social group in their local communities. Having proved himself more than capable of this opportunity to serve veterans as the Program Director of The Teams, OSD has offered Scott a full time position inside the organization, something he accepted by simply stating “I am honored to accept.”

When asked why he joined Operation Supply Drop, Scott says “I joined OSD because I wanted to be part of a team with a vision to impact veteran’s lives each day. I have always had a scene of duty to give back to our veterans and, after reading about all the programs and initiatives OSD provides, I knew this was something I wanted to be involved in. OSD provides me an opportunity to give back to the men and women that have sacrificed so much for our country and I am proud to call myself a member of OSD.”

Having just attended PAX South and given the opportunity to meet so many of his Team Leaders and community supporters, Scott knows the talent he is working with but, he also knows the challenges that lie ahead. He is devoted to the future of The Teams which includes helping current teams grow their brand locally while continuing to bring local chapters of The Teams to other locations that do not currently one. His hope is that he can again help those around him by passing on twenty-seven years of leadership to help each Team Leader be successful in their mission of support veterans across the world.

From the entire Operation Supply Drop community, we welcome our newest Leadership member Scott “Mo” Morrison to the team. Welcome aboard.