Pokewalk ‘Captures’ Attention in Seattle

What started out as a family event with a carnival theme took on a whole new level of interest when one of Operation Supply Drop’s Seattle Team members suggested the idea of hosting a Pokémon walk. The app that was creating a craze, Pokémon Go, had just been released, already causing quite a frenzy. OSD Seattle hoped it would be a great way to get families to come out enjoy the outdoors, gaming and learn a little about the organization.

After locating a family-friendly place with an abundance of Pokéstops, the Ruston Way Waterfront in Tacoma, the OSD Seattle Team planned out their event details. While utilizing the normal social media channels of Facebook and Twitter to advertise the event, this time the OSD Seattle Team decided to make flyers as well and posted them near local Pokéstops.

Seattle Team Co-Leader Devin Givens said that nothing could have prepared them for their success. The flyers worked wonderfully, and the Pokéwalk quickly turned into the Seattle Team’s biggest event ever. Givens happily reported that there were “easily 250 new faces that showed up for the walk alone.” That doesn’t even take into account the additional people that stopped by just to ask what had drawn in such a huge crowd, a crowd made up of Veterans, active duty military members, and civilians of all ages. Givens said many families came out and thanked OSD Seattle for putting together an event that could get their kids out of the house. The posts on the Facebook group echo that sentiment. Pictures of tired kids were posted by their parents with words of appreciation for the hard work of the Seattle Team.


For those not familiar with OSD and their mission, the event offered an opportunity to showcase one of the best things that OSD does – bringing together communities and allowing Veterans and civilians to enjoy time together. Givens summed it up well when he said, “There was nothing but smiles and excitement the entire time from children and adults, Veterans and civilians. There was no segregation between people that didn’t know each other, everyone was there helping one another whether they had been friends prior to the event or had just met one another.”

The connection is still growing. Givens reports that there have been many offers from new volunteers since the event. OSD Seattle gained over 100 new people on their Facebook group, and that number continues to climb even as the team plans other events, including another Pokéwalk with prizes, toys and giveaways. This time they will be ready for the large numbers, remaining true to the OSD mission to ‘Make Fun Where There is None.’

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