Janurary 2017 | Operation Supply Drop prioritizes The Teams program as the execution engine for Supply Drops, Heroic Forces and Thank You “Deployments” as well as the final destination for beneficiaries from Games to Grunts and Respawn.

December 2016 | New Program: Games to Grunts launches in partnership with GovX. Games to Grunts platform allows for direct delivery of video games to service-members, veterans and family members. This new ability to build relationship with individuals provides opportunity to bring recipients into larger community support ecosystem.

August 2016 | Operation Supply Drop surpasses 120,000 service-members, veterans and family members served.

Operation Supply Drop surpasses 7,500 hours volunteered through The Teams program in dozens of communities around the country.

July 2016 | Operation Supply Drop opens new warehouse operations in North Carolina for processing and fulfillment of supply drop requests and donations.

March 2016 | Operation Supply Drop surpasses 500 supply drops delivered to service-members.

February 2016 | New Program: Respawn launches, led by Chief Medical Officer Erik S. Johnson, directly impacting recovering veterans with the “Healing Power of Gaming”.

Operation Supply Drop surpasses 60,000 service-members, veterans and family members served.

May 2015 | New Program: Heroic Forces Launches to address growing need from our community for professional development and mentorship in local communities.

November 2014 | New Program: The Teams Launches in Austin, Texas emphasizing purpose through service and impacting the local community. 

August 2014 | Operation Supply Drop Surpasses 10,000 service-members, veterans and family members served.

June 2014 | New Program: Thank You Deployment Launches at E3 Expo in Los Angeles, California with Army Veteran, Sean Patton (right). Thank You “Deployments” reward veterans continuing their spirit of service with one-in-a-lifetime experiences.

May 2014 | Headquarters Relocates from Washington, DC to Austin, Texas.

November 2010 | Operation Supply Drop surpasses 5,000 service-members and veterans served.

January 2013 | Operation Supply Drop surpasses 100 Supply Drops Shipped to troops deployed overseas.

November 2010 | Operation Supply Drop is launched by US Army Veteran sending video game care packages downrange in an effort to provide a fun taste of home and offset the sterotypical care packages of socks and baby wipes. The first supply drop, codename “Firestarter,” delivers Call of Duty, Guitar Hero and DJ Hero to forward-deployed troops in Iraq.