Our Ecosystem

Ecosystem | ec·o·sys·tem | /ˈēkōˌsistəm/



a biological community of interacting organisms and their physical environment.

(in general use) a complex network or interconnected system.

The OSD Ecosystem is always at the core of what we do.  Always at work, ensuring service-members, veterans and their families have support services that are relevant to their evolving needs over time and sustainable for a family unit to thrive.

Social Connectivity

Working together with our fellow community members OSD creates and nurtures an environment with the goal to improve our local communities and assist veterans as they transition to civilian life.

Our award winning programs include:

  • – Supply Drops™️
  • – Games to Grunts™️
  • – Boots to Books™️
  • – 8-Bit Salute
  • – Heroic Forces™️
  • – xPVN
  • – Task Force Java™️
  •  … and more!

Professional Development

OSD is uniquely positioned to support veterans one of the greatest challenges faced by today’s military: Transitioning from Active Duty to Civilian Life.

OSD’s Ecosystem allows veterans and their community to connect with one another with the right resources to ensure successful integration.

  • Development & Skill Share Workshops
  • Entrepreneur Mentorship
  • Corporate Networking
  • Boots to Books

Community Service

The call to service doesn’t end when you hang up your uniform. OSD understands this call and this drive.  Linking our members with local community initiatives, OSD has partners around the United States to allow veterans and service members to answer a new call to service, while getting to know the members of their new communities.

  • Community Service & Collaboration
  • Fellowship Program

OSD’s Veteran Support Ecosystem
enables veterans, active-military and
their family members to thrive.
Over 1 million served since 2010.






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