OSD Volunteer Earns Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal

The first time that Sergeant Carrington Martin, U.S. Army, heard about Operation Supply Drop, he was deployed in Iraq. One of the soldiers that he was deployed with received a “Supply Drop,” a crate filled with video games and other morale-boosting items. Martin admits he was a little jealous when he saw what was in the crate.

“Deployments can be filled with long hours of tedium,” Martin said. “This generation has grown up on video games. Gaming is a great opportunity to escape from reality for a few hours.”

After that initial experience, Martin became active in Operation Supply Drop in 2013 and has, since that time, donated 600 hours of service to the organization.

“OSD has been a morale booster to not only me, but my soldiers. I am proud of what I support and nothing will take that away from me,” he said.

Through his volunteer service, Martin was awarded the Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal by the Army. The medal is awarded to members of the military who perform substantial volunteer service to the local community above and beyond the duties required as a member of the United States Armed Forces.


“It feels great to volunteer for a great organization like OSD,” Martin said. “Since I’ve gotten involved with the program, I’ve seen what OSD can do for wounded warriors, sending them on “Thank You Deployments” where they are treated as VIPs. It gives me a sense of pride to belong to OSD when I see the organization treating our veterans with such respect.”

Martin is eager to continue his service with OSD and has many future plans for furthering the organization’s reach. He and his wife were recently assigned to Italy, where they plan on standing up an OSD “Team Italy” chapter.

If you are interested in connecting with this extraordinary volunteer, you can follow him on Twitter @footedpanda.  For opportunities on how you can follow in Carrington’s footsteps and volunteer, please see The Teams program, with chapters in currently over 40 cities around the globe.


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