OSD ‘Thank You Deployment’ Provides Veterans VIP Access at PAX West in Seattle

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON & AUSTIN, TEXAS (September 13, 2018) /For immediate release/ —  Over Labor Day weekend, dozens of OSD Seattle and OSD Northwest members took part in the epic PAX West gaming festival. A weekend packed full of gaming events of every type, the highlight for OSD was providing two deserving veterans access to the festival through our ‘Thank You Deployment’ program. Thanks to the hard work of OSD volunteers and our generous gaming partners, two deserving Veterans were treated to special access and VIP treatment throughout the whole PAX weekend.   

OSD Chapter Leader Chance McPherson noted, “It’s pretty humbling to see how many people in the gaming industry are willing to go out of their way to help OSD support our veterans and active duty.”

The weekend kicked off with the Xbox Open House on the Microsoft Campus. Our partners at Microsoft provided OSD with VIP access to this event. Veterans were able to try out a lot of the indie games without the hassle of the crowds or waiting in long lines. The most popular title with the OSD crew was Aftercharge. The Aftercharge team was awesome throughout the weekend. Beyond the XBox Open House, they included Veterans into events whenever possible and provided stream codes so members could test play until the launch. Veterans also got to meet and hang out with popular Mixer streamers like Siefe and ThatPiGuy.

But the fun didn’t stop there. The weekend was full of amazing, VIP opportunities for our Veterans and OSD members. Bethesda, a long-time OSD ‘Supply Drop’ partner, provided all OSD members VIP access to their Bethesda Days event that ran both Friday and Saturday at the Hard Rock Cafe. Members got to try out games like Skyrim Blades and Rage 2, while also enjoying free food and drinks during the entire event. Fortnite also ensured that members had access to the popular Lazy Links Mini-Golf course despite lines and high interest.

Microsoft, Nintendo, Dauntless, and Devolver Digital were incredibly generous to provide special access for Veterans and OSD members. MS, Nintendo, and Dauntless allowed members to schedule time daily to try out the games of their choice without having to stand in the long lines. Devolver Digital provided OSD members the opportunity to hang out on their couch and play games on their big screen alongside their developers. This provided OSD attendees a much-needed rest during the long day. They also provided every Veteran in attendance a plush doll that included a steam code for the game BroForce.

Logitech hosted OSD attendees on Sunday, giving our members a pretty sweet swag bag that included a shirt, pin, gaming mouse, and mouse pad. Annapurna donated a few mobile codes for OSD members and connected our team with the developers of Due Process, an FPS game being developed in Seattle. OSD Seattle will be visiting their offices soon to playtest their game and give input on the tactics/details used in the game. OSD attendees were also provided access to the PAX Predator after-party and the staff went above and beyond to ensure our Veterans were taken care of the whole night. Many of the publishers and developers will soon provide their titles through OSD’s Games to Grunts Program, powered by Rip It Energy.

It is safe to say the weekend was a huge success. OSD Chapter Leader Devin Given said, “I think this weekend was a perfect example of what makes our team so special. We had civilians and veterans alike giving up their time, fighting through their sore knees and backs, to give our recipients a memorable experience. When you combine the generosity of these companies with the relentless effort of our volunteers, we’re able to create a really unique and amazing experience for our recipients.”

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