OSD ‘Supply Drop’ Updates Small MWR in Iraq, Increases Morale for 7-17th Cav Soldiers in Iraq

FORT HOOD, TEXAS & FAYETTEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA (March 2, 2018) /For immediate release/ — In a small US Army camp in Iraq, the only Apache Aviation Unit is tasked with flying daily missions in support of local and regional military operations. These long days are often a drain to troop morale.

In an effort to provide an immediate boost to these troops, OSD shipped a “Supply Drop” packed full of coffee, board games, video games and other gear to allow these men and women to recharge.


Sgt Gregory B. said, “This is the first deployment for 75% of our guys. We haven’t been here long and morale is already getting low since this is the first deployment for many. Also being attached to this larger unit we get a lot of crappy details which also brings the soldiers morale down.”

“We don’t have an USO on camp and the small MWR building that we do have is very limited and outdated (old board games, cards, books, a couple TVs with only the armed forces networks).”


OSD continues to step in and work alongside global efforts with partners like the USO, ensuring that support is provided where others cannot reach.


These “Supply Drops” are made possible by generous donors including Starbucks, Disgruntled Decks, Razer, USAA, GAEMS and other key OSD partners, individual donors and community members.

Glenn Banton, OSD CEO and Executive Director said, “OSD is proud to support these troops who put themselves in harms way on a daily basis. These smaller camps can be a major mental challenge over the course of longer deployments and we’re glad these soldiers reached out for support. I look forward to meeting many of them when they return home to Fort Hood.”


The unit is scheduled to return to Texas in the late summer where they’ll join OSD Central Texas regional outreach and support efforts.


OSD’s “Supply Drop” program has impacted hundreds of thousands of active military personnel in scores of locations around the globe.


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