OSD “Supply Drop” to Air Force Defense Courier Service Baltimore at Fort Meade

FORT MEADE, MARYLAND (December 27, 2017) /For immediate release/ — The Airmen at Fort Meade running the Defense Courier Services in Baltimore are due for some fun thanks to an incoming “Supply Drop” from OSD.


The Defense Courier Service handles high volumes of classified and highly sensitive materials directly supporting the President, Unified and Specified COCOMs, joint military operations, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, National Security Agency, Central Intelligence Agency, U.S. allies, State Department, and other federal agencies.

SSgt William R., Operations NCOIC at Defense Courier Service, said, “I have mix of soldiers, sailors and airman who all love to play video games. We all have kids who also enjoy playing games with their parents. I was hoping to receive some video game consoles and games.”


“We are extremely busy and always on the road and TDY, with everyday activities I was hoping to get them a supply drop to show them that their work is important and show them hard work pays off.”


“Thank you for what you guys are doing. You all are doing great things with this program.”

The “Supply Drop” will include support from Starbucks, Bezier Games, Steve Jackson Games, GAEMS, KontrolFreek and other key partners.


OSD Warehouse Manager, Laeth Damon, said, “It’s great that OSD is able to support this unique unit serving so many of our nation’s important government branches and agencies. We’ve been supporting Fort Meade for years and this opportunity allows us to grow the impact footprint in the Baltimore/DC corridor.”


OSD’s “Supply Drop” program has impacted hundreds of thousands of active military personnel in scores of locations around the globe.


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