OSD Supply Drop to 3rd Cavalry Regiment from Fort Hood Finally Comes Home!

As you imagine, after almost five years, OSD can make the art of sending packages to military personnel deployed to combat zones and recovering in military hospitals look easy. However, every now and again, the system breaks down and we’re forced to get creative.

Such as the case with the Michael and the 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment deployed from Fort Hood, Texas which should have been a fairly cut and dry request from back in November.

Michael made an amazing write up that spanned several emails, so it has been edited to get the point across.  This leads us to believe that Michael needs to get out of the infantry and start writing novels full time:

“HEY! Supply Drop guys and girls, This is Michael with 3rd Squadron 3rd Cavalry Regiment, US ARMY. I am currently deployed to XXXXX Afghanistan with our fine Squadron. Most of us here are 11B (Infantry) with a few exceptions and our story is sad, strange, and completely awesome at the same time. Here it is….

In a land…FAR FAR AWAY, from home… *que sweet Star Wars theme song*

It was a fight for our lives!… *heartbeat in the background*

Ironhawk Troop started its journey at FOB Airborne near Kabul…

Where even the thin, high altitude air was trying to kill us… (it sucked really bad)

We came to Camp Dwyer, at the time and had to do a freakin sweet handoff with Marines that had occupied this…Our unit will be here till about XXX. The terrifying part—> its super in the middle of nowhere, and it gets a little cabin feverish around here…

…we have SOME TV’s, but they are all mostly used for operation stuff and the few that some of the soldiers do have, just doesn’t spread out wide enough for a lot of people to be able to utilize them. As of right now, our MWR consists of a few computers and a few phones, our “PX” if that’s what ya want to call it, sells mostly Monster and Smokes, and Snackage every once in a while, so our guys MOSTLY rely on mail from loved ones or adopt a soldier and things like that.

…so in a nutshell that is why, after i heard about the OSD program I about crapped with happiness….literally…I might have farted a little…  it was a close call.

…Thank you for putting up with such an AWESOME long email, I hope to hear back from the OSD team to let me know if there will be a plan of action or not. Yall are amazing and do great things for soldiers and for this I appreciate and commend you. Keep it up!”

This email has been edited dramatically from three pages down to a few paragraphs; Michael has the gift of digital gab, but I think you’ve got the point.

Remember, he sent this request in November and in December we fired off a supply drop to make sure Michael and his folks were taken care of. The problem is that it got spun out and lost in the system. By the time it actually got to Michael’s troop after taking a few trips around both the post office and military mail system, they were getting ready to head back home and the supply drop found its way into a military shipping container heading back to the States…but not with Michael!

When a unit redeploys (comes back home from being deployed), the troopers hop on a jet plane and are back home in a matter of days. Their equipment, on the other hand, gets loaded up into giant shipping containers and then take the proverbial “slow boat to China” back home, slowly crawling across the oceans, then get unloaded onto military ports, then get loaded onto trains and get shipped back to their final destination, which can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. In other words, our supply drop got quite the traveling experience before anyone got the chance to plug it in and get some gaming on.

Finally, the drop wound up back at Fort Hood, Texas with 3rd Armored Cavalry. Michael, who had originally put the request in, was at a military school and was unable to get the drop when their shipping containers got unloaded, but his friend Alan was there in his place to secure the drop and take pictures of their well-travelled gaming console which now has a good home with in the Great State of Texas.