Operation Supply Drop St. Louis Serves Families at Gateway180

Over the past year Operation Supply Drop has devoted a lot of time developing impactful in-person chapters of The Teams across the world.  It was only a year and a half ago that The Teams program was initiated and already we are seeing huge impact inside all the communities where they are.  Our hope is that The Teams are not constrained by rules but allowed to flourish by the directive to “affect Veterans and your local community.”
Our St. Louis, Missouri chapter, having recently started, took this mindset and ran with it.  They received an in-kind donation of 50 meals to be served at Gateway180: Homelessness Reversed.  Gateway180 is a valuable resource for women, children and families experiencing the unimaginable burden of homelessness. They are “the largest 24-hour emergency housing organization for women, children and families in the state of Missouri. [Providing] safe, nurturing emergency shelter and housing services designed to empower adults and families to move beyond homelessness into stable, permanent housing as quickly as possible. Gateway180 accomplishes this work through both short-term help and long-term housing solutions to address the complex issues related to homelessness.”
During the arranged meal delivery, the Operation Supply Drop team had the ability to serve 78 men, women and children.  Beyond providing food, our members brought inspiration to their lives, letting them know we care about them and are here to help.  The Team also got their hands dirty with assisting with further clean up after the event.  To top it all off, they spent the rest of their time at the center playing basketball and video games with children at Gateway180.
We can’t thank Gateway 180: Homelessness Reversed enough for allowing us to be part of this opportunity. The St. Louis team has shown what a small amount of time and effort can do to impact those around you.  While we don’t all have a lot of time, we can always “Make it Count!”

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