OSD Shipping Gaming & Coffee “Supply Drop” to Army Airborne Infantry Unit Deployed to Afghanistan

ANCHORAGE, ALASKA & AUSTIN, TEXAS (February 22, 2018) /For immediate release/ — Soldiers of United States Army 4th Brigade Combat Team (Airborne), 25th Infantry Division, currently deployed to Afghanistan, are the recipients of OSD “Supply Drop” to boost morale on deployment currently scheduled into the summer.


US Army SSG Terry P. stated, “We are an Airborne Infantry company currently deployed to Afghanistan, supporting Special Operations.”

“Our unit deserves this support because we are currently located on a small combat outpost with little to no moral activities. Everything we have had to be personally bought and shipped here or made from scratch, like our basketball hoop.”


This is the first deployment for the majority of our company. Our soldiers being younger have grown up playing video games. With nothing to do on down time a little reminder of home would greatly boost their moral.”


The “Supply Drop” includes support from FanDuel, Starbucks, Bezier Games, Steve Jackson Games, GAEMS and other key OSD partners.


Glenn Banton, OSD CEO & Executive Director, stated, “These soldiers have a very important mission while in Afghanistan and we’re honored to provide some respite in their downtime. We’re grateful to have the support of so many great partners to make the deployment pass more quickly for these soldiers.”


OSD’s “Supply Drop” program has impacted hundreds of thousands of active military personnel in scores of locations around the globe.


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