OSD sends “Supply Drop” to Puerto Rico based US Army 246 Quartermaster Company deployed to Afghanistan

MAYAGUEZ, PUERTO RICO & FAYETTEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA November 27, 2017 /For immediate release/ — Army National Guard Unit, 246 Quartermaster Company (QM Co), has “Supply Drop” en route from OSD. They are a group of mortuary affairs specialist tasked with the honor of caring for fallen heroes to ensure they return home safely.

The 246 QM Co calls Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, home with numerous family members impacted by hurricanes during the deployment due to last into the new year.


US Army Specialist Jose F. said, “I am a passionate gamer, deployed in Afghanistan. I am a father and a husband, my wife and daughter also love video games and that’s a great thing! Back in Puerto Rico I am a cook, but because of the hurricane I am unemployed because the restaurant got destroyed. I am doing everything I can to join active duty and serve the nation on a daily basis for the rest of my life.”


“We are a group of mortuary affairs specialist 92M who take care of the fallen heroes and take them back home. The unit is located in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico and this is the first deployment for most of us. We only have one TV that sadly broke and we borrowed one from the Air Force. Our unit has a Playstation that is old and sometimes doesn’t what to take discs.”


“Thank you for your support and your interest in helping us!”


OSD Director of Global Community Operations, Scott Morrison said, “Units like the 246 QM are very important and ensure proper care for our fallen heroes. OSD exists to ensure a high level of morale for soldiers while deployed in service to our country.”


The “Supply Drop” to the 246 QM Co will includes direct support from partners including Starbucks, USAA, FanDuel, Bethesda, Ubisoft, Bezier Games, Steve Jackson Games, KontrolFreek and GAEMS.  OSD’s “Supply Drop” program has impacted over 100,000 active military personnel this year to troops in dozens of locations around the globe.


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