Operation Support Drop Seattle Provides Scares and Laughs for Fort Lewis Warrior Transition Battalion

For many Team OSD Seattle members, the Warrior Transition Battalion Halloween Party was a special occasion as it marks the one year anniversary of the Team’s first event with the unit. Always wanting to provide a special experience, and never shy of a challenge, the team raised the bar for WTB events by not only providing a Rock Band tournament for the soldiers, face painting and gaming for the children, but also building a full scale haunted house in the Keeler Gym, consisting of 6 rooms and a blackout maze.

With support from Home Depot and Walmart, the Seattle Team constructed a fun, scary, and family friendly experience that served as the highlight of the Halloween event for most of the family/children of the unit. Running for a majority of the event and providing two options of how scary the experience would be, team members didn’t get much of a break. As screams and laughs escaped from the hunted house, the line continued to grow. There were many that went through twice just to experience both versions, and many of the children would jump right back into line after exiting, eventually going through multiple times.

The event was the most ambitious project Team Seattle has undertaken, and it’s success sits on the shoulders of their volunteer crew, with 11 members completing 90 volunteer hours over the span of two days. “I’ve never been more proud to be a part of this team.” said Team Leader Chance Mcpheron, a veteran himself, in speaking of the Seattle Team’s effort for the event. “We agreed to build this haunted house without any idea on how we would actually do it. We just knew that our team members never let us down, and we feel like we can accomplish anything with
a coordinated team effort. Not only did our team come through, they went above and beyond, making this much more impressive than we could have ever imagined. This never would have happened without the effort of every team member involved.”

The team’s effort and dedication was not only noticed by Mcpheron. Along with thanking each team member individually, the WTB command was so impressed by the team’s accomplishments that they have invited the entire volunteer team to be guests of honor at the unit’s upcoming Christmas Dinner. Speaking of the honor, civilian Team Leader Devin Givens said, “This unit provides an amazing service for the injured soldiers on Ft. Lewis. Knowing that we’re helping improve the day for these soldiers and their families is already fulfilling enough, but to be invited by command to be part of the unit’s family for a night is an honor that we never expected. I’m extremely excited to sit down beside some of the faces we see at these events, and get an opportunity to hear some of their stories.”