OSD Fayetteville Serves Local Fire Department with Fire Hydrant Painting Project

FAYETTEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA (December 5, 2018) /For immediate release/ —  Passionate about their community, OSD Fayetteville is dedicated to community service. While they work with a variety of organizations throughout the year, this fall they decided to focus their time, energy, and effort on an organization that operates selflessly to keep the community safe –  the fire department. Inspired by fire hydrant painting project in a neighboring town, OSD Fayetteville decided to reach out to their local Fire Chief and see if there was a way to serve.

The Stoney Point Fire Department (SPFD) was thrilled to put OSD members to work! Along with painting the fire hydrants, OSD members were responsible for making sure the fire hydrants were functional. They noted any deficiencies and reported them back to the Assistant Fire Chief. Additionally, OSD members identified any possible safety concerns, such as a tree that limits access to the hydrant.  

OSD Fayetteville Chapter Leader Grace Cordero explained, “After making contact with Fire Assistant Chief, Brandon Hanzal, he was delighted and welcomed our assistance. We coordinated four events over the span of three months. Both the Fire Chief and Assistant Fire Chief expressed gratitude and joy as this opened up some free time for the firemen. OSD members were given exclusive SPFD t-shirts along with a tour of the station.”

Following Hurricane Florence, OSD Fayetteville also added debris clean-up to their community beautification work. Already out in the community painting fire hydrants, they were able to help emergency responders quickly clean up debris. This helped reduce the spread of any vector-borne illnesses and environmental threats caused by the waste.

Simple neighborhood improvement projects like this go a long way towards improving the quality of life in a community.

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