OSD Central Texas Energizes Military Focused ‘Sweetheart Cup’ Charity Event at County Line Polo Club

County Line Polo Club is not your stereotypical polo club, then again, neither is OSD a stereotypical veteran community. When we first met Amber from County Line to learn of this opportunity, we weren’t sure we had the attire, or the knowledge to enjoy what we’ve always considered a sport for the hoity toity crowd. Boots and polo shirts are about as formal as we get. We were wrong and we’re glad to have linked up with this amazing community.

Team Central Texas attended the Sweetheart Cup USPA Event at County Line Polo Club to raise some funds and to support the teams, each of which represented a branch of the military. What a great time it was. We never knew POLO Texas Style could be so much fun. The County Line folks made us feel at home, explained the rules and made sure we had a shady place to stand.

All the teams we good and it was a close match. While the Army, Navy and Air Force teams fared well, they were all bested by the Texas Military Team who was crowned Sweetheart Cup Winners.

Topping off an already great community event, Bravo Co BBQ made some outstanding food and a great time was had by all. We can’t wait to do it again next year!