Operation Supply Drop Texas Region Reinforces Veteran Service Offerings Through Launch Partnership with TXServes

Operation Supply Drop is excited to announce our partnership with the TXServes network of local area providers for Veterans assistance. Joining this network, the 9th network within American Serves, will give Operation Supply Drop access to a large number of providers that can directly support our Veterans in Texas.

Scott Morrison, Program Director for The Teams, and invited guest for the TXServes launch event said, ”I am personally excited and proud that Operation Supply Drop was asked to participate in TXServes. This coordination system will be the vehicle for us to provide quick and efficient services to our Veterans in need and increase our ability to monitor their progress, insuring the services are in fact provided. Our North Carolina Team has been using the sister program, NCServes, since 2016 and has directly helped over 50 Veterans. Our Texas Teams are ready to step up to the plate and lead the way in reaching Veterans that need help in our Lone Star State communities.”

San Antonio, “Military City USA,” and the immediate surrounding area is one of the largest military and veteran communities in the United States, and ranks 9th among the 100 largest veteran-resident cities in the country where veterans are 12.3% of the regions adult population. The most prominent county in the Alamo region is Bexar County, which is home to the 6th-largest veteran population of all US counties.

TXServes is the state’s first coordinated system of public, private, and non-profit organizations working together to serve veterans, service members, and their families. The vision is that every service member, Veteran, and their family can easily access the full range of comprehensive services required to achieve their unique goals, and to provide a first-class service experience to match service member and veterans’ first class military service.

JBSA Brigadier General Pringle with OSD Program Director, Scott Morrison.

TXServes – San Antonio offers veterans, service members, and their families access to a variety of providers that offer services in legal, housing, employment, medical, money management, clothing and household goods, education, transportation and more. All TXServes direct providers offer comprehensive services to all who serve, have served and their families.