Operation Supply Drop Team Delivers Support to Lackland AFB

The Supply Drop is the one of many of the programs that Operation Supply Drop has which supports active-duty, Veterans and their families.  Not everyone understands the amount of joy it brings to those that are serving overseas their country while deployed away from their families.  Gaming provides deployed service members a way to take their minds off the chaos around them while ensuring someone “Makes Fun Where There is None.”

Conducting a Supply Drop to a recreation center in the United States is not much different except the Supply Drop focuses now on the single service-members and often families of deployed service members.  Families and single service members go to recreation centers to have fun.  It may be to play board games, play some video games, use the computer for job searching and so much more.  So, prior to kicking of the gaming convention season in 2017, Team San Antonio, Team Pensacola, and @SpaitoGaming all converged on Lackland, AFB in San Antonio, Texas to “Make Fun Where There is None.”

The Lackland recreation center we visited already had an amazing assortment of gaming gear, but many of the games they had were old.  Our goal was to power them up with new games for XB1 and PS4, some computer gear (headsets, keyboards and mice) as well as board games for all ages to enjoy.  Finally, we know how military service members and their families love coffee, so we dropped off 12 cases of Starbucks breakfast blend coffee for the facility to use on it’s hero’s that visit.

The best comment of the event was that of SpaitoGaming after it was all done.  We can’t be as impactful as we are without the help of our streaming Task Force and community.

This was a great way to start of our Pax South Weekend and we are grateful the the United States Air Force for allowing us to support Lackland Airmen.  We look forward to visiting again and doing as much as we can to support other bases around the country.

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