Operation Supply Drop Seattle Makes a Big Splash for Veteran Families

It was all fun and games when Operation Supply Drop’s Seattle Team was on hand to help out at the Ft. Lewis WTB Family Cookout this summer. Set amid the trees and water of the Pacific Northwest, OSD Seattle members helped set up the events for the soldiers and their families.

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Though billed as a family cookout, OSD Seattle’s Veteran co-Team Leader and Regional Director Chance Mcpheron said the event was more like, “a traditional battalion day like most units host.” In this case, there was food, giveaways, and games. OSD Seattle members were able to provide prizes for the kids and tickets for the Warrior Transition Battalion’s soldiers to attend PAX, one of the first – and the largest – gaming conventions, held in Seattle for the past twelve years.
Though these gestures may seem small, Mcpheron summed up the bigger picture of the effort well when he said, “Overall, it was a great time and we were able to handle tasks that would have pulled soldiers away from the activities.”

One of the favorite children’s activities was a type of gaming OSD Seattle’s team members don’t often play – lobbing water balloons at one another. Mcpheron said that became a big area of contribution for the Team members as they made every effort to keep the rambunctious younger attendees happy. After the giveaways were completed, “we spent the majority of our time filling water balloons for the kids and for cadre to use during their kayak races.” Given the happy families and all of the watery fun, OSD Seattle made a big splash with this unit!


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