Kicking the New Year off with a Bang – PAX South 2016

Kicking Off The New Year

2015 was truly a rewarding year for Operation Supply Drop. We received an incredible amount of support and were able to accomplish so much through our programs. We deployed hundreds of Supply Drops to troops and veterans all over the world. We established nearly fourty worldwide Teams, a new initiative to build local groups of military, veterans, and civilians to promote a welcoming community for each other. We attended and participated in over a dozen local and industry events to promote our cause to give back to the military and veteran community. Most importantly, we were able to connect with so many of our veterans and servicemembers we support. Our successes in 2015 has brought us much pride.

But our mission does not stop there. With each and every year, we strive to do more, and do better. 2016 is no exception. And that’s why we’ve kicked off the new year with a bang. Earlier this month we attended the Clash of the Carolinas event and received a wealth of support. Now, we’re looking ahead at the next big event: PAX South 2016. We’re putting forth a ton of our resources toward PAX South, and we are bringing veterans and civilian supporters to join us there in San Antonio, Texas from January 29th – 31st.

For the uninitiated, PAX is a fantastic gathering of geeks and gamers, featuring gaming-focused content that includes concerts, panels, and exhibitor booths from independent to major game developers and publishers. There are also cosplay meetups, LAN parties, tabletop game tournaments and video game free-play areas.

Typically, we set up an OSD booth at PAX, at which interested parties can visit and learn about our mission. This year we’ve decided to mix things up! Our supporter base has grown so much over the past year, and our Teams have expanded more than ten-fold; their outreach for our organization has been outstanding. We thus decided the best way to show our appreciation to our active duty, veterans and civilian supporters this year was to put our resources where our mouth is, and really make this event along with others to come as memorable as possible.

Our Teams local to PAX South (San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, and Austin) have been doing an amazing job in their local communities, providing information and resources as to what OSD is doing for the local veteran and military communities, and organizing various supporter meetups. As a way to say thank you, we have gone all out this year to provide nearly 40 OSD supporters access to PAX South as a giant “street team” (or advocacy team) rather than be limited to only a single booth. OSD is going to be represented in a big way at PAX South this year: OSD’s Don Noble and Gray Hogan will be joined by supporters from the local Texas Teams and supporters from Chicago, Tennessee, North Carolina, and many others. We’re still seeking additional volunteers, so please contact , if you are interested and for additional information.

Some may wonder what all these hard-chargers could possibly do at such a large, eventful convention like PAX South. Fear not – these folks aren’t there just to look pretty. Our OSD supporters attending will be breaking out into smaller group to canvass the whole place, checking out various booths, spreading the good word about OSD, and thanking the various companies and sponsors that stand by our mission and help support the veteran and military community. And, as if things couldn’t get better, our brothers and sisters over at Brooke Army Medical Center are bringing a few wounded warriors over to participate in the convention, allowing them to revel in the fun and entertainment of the community that brings them so much joy and motivation.

The three days of PAX South will be packed with so much fun and games. It’s hard to imagine it getting any better.
On Friday, January 29th from 6pm – 8pm CST, we’re hosting an event at Casa Rio that will be the highlight of the weekend. Not only will our supporters be there, but our friends over at LANFest and Team RWB will be in attendance to mingle with the OSD crowd. And, we’ve been fortunate enough to have partners like ASTRO and GAEMS donate some of the best gaming headsets and portable gaming systems for giveaways. Attendees will also be able to enjoy game stations for groups to huddle around and play games together. If you’re in the area, consider yourself invited as no reservation is required.

And, therein, lies the point of this whole weekend – to bring our veterans, military members, civilian supporters, and other veteran groups together in one place. We’re not just trying to thank everyone for their support and outreach, we want to bring together like-minded people that care deeply about veterans. We want to let them know there are others available to lend a helping hand, provide a shoulder to lean on, or perhaps to make it easy to find someone with whom to play a game for some much-needed stress relief.

For those interested in attending the event, it’s not too late to join in on the fun. Head over to our event posted on Facebook and let us know if you’re attending. This will give us a good idea of the head count to expect. And, if you’re going to be at the PAX South convention, be sure to seek us out and say hello. We always like to engage with our supporters from around the country.

This is just the start for OSD in 2016. We can’t wait to show you what we have in store for the rest of the year. If you think this weekend is going to be amazing, you ain’t seen nothing yet.