Operation Supply Drop Partners with Home Depot for Veteran Home Repair

Operation Supply Drop Central Texas teamed up with Home Depot in Seguin, Texas over Labor Day weekend to repair an 87-year-old Veteran’s Home. The Veteran Robert Oehler was in need of help due to outside siding falling off his home and leaving bare plywood exposed to the weather. The house has needed repairs for a number of years and when Operation Supply Drop was informed we jumped into action. Material was Donated by Home Depot in Seguin through Team Depot Captain Tory Reed, this donation made the Community project happen. Operation Supply Drop and Mr. Oehler would like to Thank Home Depot for their generosity and commitment to not only Veterans, but the Seguin community.

Operation Supply Drop’s Community Program, The Teams, coordinated home repairs for an 87-year old veteran in Seguin, Texas with help from Home Depot.

The project started on Friday morning with minor preparation work and soon the under layer of felt paper was in place. Volunteers worked together on the project insuring all cuts were made to fit, windows were caulked and trimmed correctly and that the project was completed properly.

Mr. Oehler was very pleased with the finished project and stated he was grateful to Operation Supply Drop and Home Depot for making this possible. Mr. Oehler is on a fixed income and has no extra money for home repair.

Outreach projects like this are what make the Operation Supply Drop community a unique tribe. Look for a chapter in your community or consider a generous gift to help us provide more opportunities to serve like we’ve done here with Mr. Oehler