Operation Supply Drop Leadership Update

Operation Supply Drop (OSD) today announces that its founder Stephen Machuga is no longer with the charitable organization and has voluntarily resigned his position as secretary on the Board of Directors.

“We are thankful for Stephen’s early vision and entrepreneurial spirit in founding OSD and we will continue to build upon his legacy, but we also believe that no one person is bigger than the mission,” said Glenn Banton, CEO of Operation Supply Drop. “OSD is now recognized as a leading veterans charity, and the team we have in place is continually working to enrich the lives of veterans, active duty military, and their families through our activities. Through our extremely strong relationships with the video game industry and other video game focused organizations, OSD successfully executed more morale-boosting operations in 2015 than in the previous four years combined. We expect to again double that result for 2016.”

Operation Supply Drop’s mission and ability to positively influence the lives of veterans and active duty military has dramatically expanded from its humble beginnings. To date, OSD has touched the lives of nearly 30,000 active duty and veteran members of the military within the United States, and allied nations. OSD’s current leadership team, which includes seven military veterans, all also avid gamers, maintains close relationships with key video game industry organizations, with whom the charity works to jointly support veterans through gaming.