Making Fun Where There is None for Army Air Defense Artillery in Kuwait

OSD’s motto “Making Fun Where There is None” holds truer for this shipment more than any other. It’s tough being deployed away from your friends and family, but it has to be even harder for those individuals who are deployed forward so far away from the fight that there really isn’t much to do on a day to day basis. The Army’s Air Defense Artillery, pictured here, is a bit of a strange piece of kit left over from the Cold War, back when the threat of Russian MIG-23s filling the skies over San Francisco was more of a reality.


Air Defense Artillery’s job is to make sure the airspace over our bases forward is clear of enemy aircraft. However, in the post 9/11 era, the chances of insurgent fighters taking up in a HIND helicopter to go do a strafing run over Kandahar Air Field is a somewhat counter to their tactics. Therefore, ADA folks sitting in Kuwait are literally manning missile launchers and gun tubes, waiting for something to ping on their radar knowing it’s unlikely going to happen. Not exactly an exciting war story to tell their kids.

So when they sent in a request asking for video games to keep their company from going mad from boredom, we made sure we helped them out! Here’s Tameko’s original request:

“Hello my name is Tameko and I am currently deployed to Kuwait. I’m in 4-5 ADA out of Fort Hood and… was just told about Operation Supply Drop and was wondering what I could do to get my Soldiers a few things. We are actually on a year deployment unlike most other units that have been put on 8 or 9 month deployments. Soldiers are really down right now because soldiers on 8 months deployments still receive R&R and we have to tell ours they are here for a year but they get no R&R. We have been here since XXXXX so they have and will miss…being with… loved ones. If we could get a few things for a few of them I believe it would be a great morale building tool and give them something to do except just working around the clock.”

So of course, we made sure we sent them an OSD supply drop full of games and gaming related gear and got quite the response back!

“…We are still enjoying everything we received in our drop and we are still on the work schedule of working 24 hour shifts every third day.

The games and the console keep us all going during the long nights and brings us all closer with competitions. Seems like the best one is the 2K because everyone think they can play basketball and there are almost a mini tournaments among the Soldiers in that every night. 

So thank you again and the drop is still keeping smiles on the Soldiers face everyday!”

And there you go! Another successful mission for Operation Supply Drop, but we couldn’t do what we do without your help! So keep spreading the word and help us keep getting gaming in the hands of those that need it the most!