Operation Supply Drop Offers Opportunity to Sponsor Sports Car, Highlight Veterans’ Issues

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Operation Supply Drop is about to pick up speed…literally. And the organization is reaching out to anyone who is interested in joining the ride. Ken Kurtz, owner of KMG-INC and Aly Bruner, of Tapped Racing, have offered their racing expertise to OSD, along with the main sponsorship rights to a quarter of a million dollar racecar as it readies for the USAF25 Hours of Thunderhill in December.

“This is an amazing opportunity to put the spotlight on our cause,” OSD Chief Executive Officer Glenn Banton said, “We are thrilled to partner with Ken and Aly as we bring more awareness to the issues experienced by military members and veterans. We hope that other individuals and companies will join us in this pursuit to make these issues known.”

The GT class sports car is a 600 horsepower, 1,900-pound car that goes from 0-60 mph. in two seconds. Kurtz and his team are going debut the car in late June.

Not only will OSD be the top sponsor for the car, but veterans taking advantage of OSD’s Thank You Deployments can experience the thrill of racing the car firsthand.

Kurtz and his team bring veterans and active duty members behind the scenes of the racecar world, whether they’re in the pit, riding with safety teams or enjoying 10+ laps in the racecar at speed on some of the most iconic racetracks in America. This is all made possible by the partnership between the National Auto Sport Association (NASA) and KMG.

Jerry Kunzman, the executive director for NASA said, “NASA is honored to be part of this amazing program.”

“We offer these military members complete VIP access. They get to experience every aspect of racing,” Kurtz said. “And I make it a personal experience too. We hang out together, do a barbecue in the evening and I get to hear their stories. It’s an honor and a lot of fun for everyone.”

It takes a lot of teamwork and effort to make the Thank You Deployments happen, and Kurtz recognizes that Aly Bruner of Tapped Racing has been a key member every step of the way.

“My team and I owe a lot to Aly. He improved the quality of our equipment, which lets us race at the top of the super-unlimited level,” Kurtz said. “And he’s just as excited as I am about being able to give rides to veterans and active duty members. He’s a huge supporter.”

Kurtz and his team have already sponsored five Thank You Deployments in 2015, and hope to increase that number in 2016. Each Thank You Deployment gives ~4-6 Veterans or Active Duty members this incredible experience.

“I’m proud to give these military members a unique experience,” Kurtz said. “It’s really cool to give something back to individuals who have dedicated their life to their country.”

Kurtz also served in the Navy and he knows that racing offers a therapeutic outlet for injured veterans and active duty members.

“The military members are able to experience the adrenaline rush that comes with racing,” Kurtz said. “We accommodate veterans and help them find joy in life when they’re getting through some tough times. Racing gives them the chance to see that there can still be things to look forward to.”

Any individuals or companies wishing to sponsor Thank You Deployments and increase the awareness of OSD and the services that it offers is invited to visit operationsupplydrop.org for more information.


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