Operation Supply Drop ascends on Fisher House at Ft. Bragg

The Fisher House Foundation is known for its network of homes where military and veterans’ families can stay at no cost while a loved one is receiving treatment. The majority of these homes are located on military installations or VA medical centers. These are not your normal homes as they have private bedrooms, baths, a common kitchen area, laundry facility and living rooms for those utilizing the area. The Fisher House Foundation has saved military and veterans’ families approximately $320 million of out of pocket costs for loading and transportation.
We’ve had numerous interactions with the Fisher House as a military service member over the years because of injured comrades. However, our first true relationship was a call we received about any help we could provide to a military veteran named Ro. You can read more here about her and how the Operation Supply Drop community enabled us to support her and get her back on her feet.

The current Fisher House has been on Ft. Bragg for years. The building is in decent shape, but it was time for an upgrade and we had an opportunity to stop by a couple of weeks ago to see how this new location was shaping up. It is simply breathtaking to see the passion the organization puts in providing the best possible location for veterans or their families during one of their loved ones receiving treatment. Everything about the location is amazing, including the volunteers. As we walked through the area, we noticed a kids area that had gaming equipment that was a bit out dated and immediately Team Fayetteville knew we wanted to get involved and share some Operation Supply Drop love.

We have always talked about how gaming “heals” those that are going through tough times in their life whether that is battling depression or many other un-noticeable scars. There is no doubt that providing a Supply Drop to the Fisher House on Ft. Bragg will bring a different kind of healing to family members, children of recovering veterans or actual active duty soldiers that stay in the house. Affecting a veteran or their family is what we do in Operation Supply Drop and it was an honor for the entire Fayetteville Team to be part of this Supply Drop and many more to come in the future.

We want to thank the Fisher House Foundation for what they do for military and veterans’ families. This is just another example of an organization showing acts of kindness to those who just need a bit of positivity in their lives.

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