Operation Supply Drop Fayetteville, Habitat for Humanity and Team Rubicon Teamwork Clears the Way for Community Park

A steamy Saturday, one vacant lot, a dozen volunteers from three groups, a few shovels, some axes, a sledge-hammer, a lot of motivation, a lot of water, and a lot more Mission BBQ.

“Giving back to the community is what we are here to do” said Hector Falcon, Team Fayetteville Team Leader.  “It is great being part of Operation Supply Drop and teaming up with other amazing organizations like Team Rubicon and Habitat for Humanity to really make an impact locally.”

Before Operation Supply Drop, Team Rubicon, and Habitat for Humanity volunteers showed up today this was just a vacant lot where a house once stood.

Thanks to these hard workers and a little vision, this space will soon be a park for children, families and retirees in the local community to enjoy together.