Making it Green with OSD Central Texas in Partnership with UT Lions Club and the City of Austin

OSD Central Texas, UT Lions Club, Keep Austin Beautiful, Austin Tree Folk and City of Austin join forces to plant hundreds of trees and improve local park.

Arriving not long after sun up we arrived to help set up the tools, saplings, and talk to the Austin Tree Folk Staff about the mission for the day. Shortly after ,all the various groups started to show up.

The goal of the event was to replant part of the city park, to clean up some of the invasive species, and provide run off protection by introducing more trees.

We had our briefing and began to work. We broke down into small groups and paired off. One person dug a hole while the other placed the sapling into the group. There were over 24 buckets of saplings with about 30-40 per bucket. Using the team method we had buried the majority of it by mid-morning.

After that we moved more towards the heavily wooded area and started on the invasive species. We pulled up various plants that were choking off the other fauna and flora. This event was a fantastic opportunity to grow the relationships with many of our regional partners all while uniting in purpose through service.