Making Fun Where There is None: Outfitting a New Recreation Center for Airmen in Qatar

With our own operational cadence, we continue to turn supply drops around in mere weeks, allowing extended opportunities for our military to have a taste of home while deployed.

When SSgt Jason T. reached out, his mission focused on outfitting a new recreation center used by hundreds of deployed Airmen. This specific deployment is Jason’s third. Personally believing that video games would help build the morale for his squadron, while not deployed he enjoys Destiny and Gears of War as well as Disney Infinity with his children.

Once the supply drop arrived, Jason reached back out and was kind enough to get seek approvals to share pictures.  Jason said, “I would like to personally say thank you to Operation Supply Drop. I received a supply drop for the 379th ECES today. I wish you had a representative here to see the reactions on my squad mates faces. Everyone was extremely excited!”

“The Xbox, games, card games, Disgruntled Decks and board games were a huge success! Emails are already flowing to try and schedule tournaments (NBA 2K/Madden). The These tournament are going to be a fun and relaxing way to past the time and build camaraderie.”

Starbucks Keurig cups were a hit as well. Everyone needs their coffee. Operation Supply Drop is an incredible organization with an awesome cause. I had numerous members in my squadron today ask me about OSD. I am excited to support the organization in the future. Thanks again for everything OSD has accomplished.”

With hundreds of supply drop drop requests incoming each quarter, we cannot do enough for our deployed troops without your help. Learn how you can get involved and help “Make Fun Where There is None” at: