Operation Supply Drop Launches New Program, in Partnership with GoxV, to bring Entertainment to Thousands of Veterans in 2017

No-cost PC, XBOX & Playstation games for all service-members, veterans & their family members

After a year of planning and months of development and testing, we’re excited to announce the launch of Games to Grunts in partnership with GovX!  We’ve become experts at putting games in the hands of troops and have learned a lot while distributing over 500,000 games and nearly 700 supply drops in 6 years. We can always do it bigger, better and faster which was the mindset leading to the creation of ‘Games to Grunts,’ putting digital codes for PC, XBOX and Playstation games directly into the hands of active service members, veterans and their families. With this partnership we can distribute over 1 Million games in 2017 through ‘Games to Grunts!’

In partnership with GovX, this new program provides hundreds of thousands of PC, Xbox and Playstation games to service members, veterans and dependents while also connecting directly with the OSD community!


Games to Grunts Features:

  • Distribution Platform is Secure and requires Login.
  • Platform requires proof of service for FREE membership.
  • GovX platform provides the recipient direct connection to OSD for additional support through community programs.
  • Direct access to over 1.7 million service members and veterans.
  • New games added multiple times per month
  • 1000s of keys available for scores of titles
  • AAA & Indie titles (and everything in between)



OSD is first and foremost about community support and the mechanism for getting games to troops hindered our ability to loop those we serve back into the community that can provide them and their families further support. While still on a large scale, digital key distribution previous to Games to Grunts entailed providing a single point of contact on a post or in a unit a spreadsheet with numerous keys. This did not allow us to cultivate a relationship at the individual level – Games to Grunts now solves this challenge by connecting OSD directly.

Additionally and more importantly however is the legalities around providing items to our service members, with the most important being that they cannot directly request our services without potential reprimand including an Article 15. As we’ve grown so as our need to ensure compliance with our Supply Drops more proactively being driven by our direct work with units prior to and during deployments. Games to Grunts gives us an additional, and more scalable, method to keep the games provided within pre-determined boundaries. The service members get the goodies they most certainly deserve while also ensuring they stay in line with the Uniform Code of Military Justice.


Thank you again to our amazing community and to GovX for placing OSD in a position to launch Games to Grunts!

Veterans get your games by clicking here.

Developers donate games by clicking here.


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