Keep Calm, Chive On: Supply Drop Hits Mark in Kuwait for Army Armored Quick Reaction Force

One of Operation Supply Drop’s (OSD) more recent supply drops stuffed full of video games was sent to Cordell and his platoon of tankers marking time in the deserts of Kuwait. Not a lot for a tank platoon to apart from watching the Kurds and Iranians duke it out against ISIS across Iraq while sitting on your hands. It’s got to be tough when you’re sitting on the sidelines waiting for someone to call you in off the bench, as these tankers are part of the “Quick Reaction Force” (QRF) in case things go extremely badly in the region.

Fort Carson based 1-68 Armor Battalion soldier Cordell wrote, “I’m the senior medic of our infantry company. Were running QRF for the region without a single mission so far. Morale is low. In the past month we have had two suicide attempts in the battalion: one from our company. Our company was split at the beginning of the deployment and sent to different areas in the region. Since then, we’ve been given replacements but it has left the company divided with an us/them mentality. My hope is that a supply drop from your organization will boost morale and provide as a team building tool.”

He did make make mention that he heard of us through our friends over at The Chive, and as a fellow organization full of military-loving Chivers and Chivettes, we jumped to and worked a Supply Drop over to Cordell and his crew!

And here is Cordell’s email back with the pictures he sent!

“Thank you guys so much for our drop! We took some pictures as soon as we got it with a few of us from the HQ platoon. Thank you!”