[Heroic Forces] Special Guest, Jennifer Goodman, Leads Fayetteville Workshop Impacting Service-Member and Spouse

Team Fayetteville hosted another Heroic Forces workshop focused on helping active-duty, Veterans and their spouses with local networking, job placement and resume assistance.  Jennifer Goodman, who you may recognize from numerous blog posts on our site, joined our workshop.  She has been part of the TAP program and now fills her days supporting Veterans and spouses looking to find work around the country.  Having her as a guest this week was an absolutely pleasure and we are positive she will return to other events this year.


During this specific event we focused on supporting a military service member and her spouse.  The spouse is an IT professional that is looking to get his resume fixed up and then find part time work so he can focus on his three kids that he raises while his wife is at the work inside the Army.  The event occurred at Starbucks in Fayetteville, NC and we had a total of five people supporting the event.
We spent the time talking about the importance of his resume and how it will be important lead-in for finding a part time job.  There was also plenty of discuss about LinkedIn and how the service helps network with other like minded IT professionals in the area.  Our the next two weeks, Jennifer will be focused on helping Chris get his resume and LinkedIn prepared.  From there, we will connect him with our local network and let his dedication and attitude shine to future employers.

Another great month of helping through the Heroic Forces program in North Carolina.  We continue support those that do so much for us every single day. In this case, we thank Chris for supporting his family so his wife can serve us inside of the military.  We will devote the needed resources to make him and his family successful.