Introducing the OSD Boots-to-Books Program, Curated Knowledge to Accelerate Veteran Transition

After much preparation (read: ensuring sustainability and growth), OSD is excited to announce the official launch of our Boots-to-Books program.

Designed for transitioning service members, veterans, and spouses, Boots-to-Books is the collaborative work of OSD supporter, Clifton Cooper, and OSD CEO, Glenn Banton Sr. This program works in conjunction with OSD’s Professional Development Pillar executed through locally held “Heroic Forces” workshops and seminars. While Heroic Forces is typically targeted at networking and mentoring, this program takes our work a step further by providing transitioning veterans with access to an invaluable commodity, knowledge.

So how does it work? Each month, OSD will select recipients who will receive copies of two books fully vetted by OSD Leadership with input from community partners. That is two physical copies of books designed to expand knowledge and cultivate growth at no cost to the participant. In return, we simply ask that participants pay it forward while displaying the OSD values of personal accountability and servant leadership. We know that individual success will inspire those to come and continue to ease the transition for veterans as a whole.

The first two books in the series are Start With Why by Simon Sinek and The 2 Hour Job Search by  J. Steve Dalton.

To request your participation simply complete this short questionnaire.

It is important to note that this isn’t a monthly subscription. Rather, we ask that you fill out the form whenever the selected books align with your professional development goals.

Knowledge is power and we can’t wait to see the impact that this program will have for transitioning service members, veterans, and spouses.