Google’s VetNet and Operation Supply Drop Central Texas Team for Heroic Forces Transition Workshop

Coming together for the second time in less than a year, Google’s VetNet and Operation Supply Drop Central Texas hosted over two dozen transitioning military personnel, veterans and spouses for a full day of Heroic Forces programming.

The full day workshop, taking place in Google’s north Austin campus, emphasized actionable feedback as well as networking. The day kicked off with a warm introduction by US Army veteran and Googler, James Durago, encouraging those in attendance to utilize this day and those they meet as a professional resource.

The veteran then paired off with Googlers for one-on-one resume reviews. Many of these mini consults also included deeper dives on personal branding and how to present yourself for the job you want, not the job you have. The latter task being a challenge that many veterans have as they attempt to translate their military careers for positioning against their future civilian selfs.

After a top-chef inspired meal, which stands as one of many perks drawing employees to Google, a panel of three successful veterans in various leadership positions at Google spoke on their own transitions, challenges and paths to success. Their stories resonated with the room and clearly inspired more than a handful of those intently listening to adjust fire on their current transition strategies.

The day was capped off with a tour of the Google offices, followed by closing remarks by Operation Supply Drop executive director, Glenn Banton. Banton impressed the need to strategically network, seek mentorship and to find true purpose through service, regardless of the employment destination.

Special thanks to American Dream U for providing Mission America/Mission Next to inspire and motivate these veterans through their transitions.

Commenting on another wildly successful workshop Durago said, “Professional development is critical for the success of Veterans – from just getting out of Active Duty to making a career move in the private sector. That said, we want to make sure we’re passing on the lessons we’ve learned as Veteran Googlers to those Veterans that are currently in that transition period in their careers. OSD has been vital in helping us do that in Austin as they are deeply connected within the Veteran community in the area.”

We’re grateful for organizations that drive the veteran support conversation like Google, not just telling, but also showing it through their efforts. We look forward to continued growth of Heroic Forces ensuring our veterans don’t just find the job they can do today, but find the career they want to succeed in for their lifetime.