Games to Grunts™ is an OSD veterans gaming program that has provided over 1.3 Million video games to members of the military community via digital downloads.

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Gaming is a proven activity that can positively impact mental health and wellness and build relationships through shared experiences with family and friends.

Games to Grunts - Female Veterans Gaming

Games to Grunts™ is an OSD Social Connectivity program providing video games to members of the military community via digital download codes. The program was started as a direct result of the trends in the gaming industry towards digital distribution and the desire to connect with our community directly.

We’ve become experts at putting games in the hands of troops and have learned a lot while distributing over 1,300,000 games since 2010. Because OSD is first and foremost about community support, we noticed that the mechanism for getting games to troops hindered our ability to loop those we serve back into the community to provide them and their families further support.

We’ve become experts at putting games in the hands of troops and have learned a lot while distributing over 1,300,000 games since 2010.


Games to Grunts™ is powered by our good friends at and Rip it Energy Fuel!

OSD is a nonprofit Veteran Support™ made possible by generous community members and donors like you. Through programs including Games to Grunts™, OSD has distributed more than 1.3 million games to tens of thousands of veterans.

If you love what Games to Grunts™ is, what we stand for, and the service we're able to provide to the brave men and women that served our nation, then... We encourage you to consider a tax-deductible gift so we can continue to provide and grow this valuable service.

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Partnership with and our own dedicated development team ensures security and one key, one user assurance to only verified community members.

Each title has a dedicated URL on the Games to Grunts™️ site and partners donating more than three titles may have a collection. Games from all platforms, including custom FTP packages, are eligible for Games to Grunts™️.
Please note this is a rotating list of partners and does not represent any order of importance, as each partner contributes in various ways. For a full list of partners and to get involved, please visit
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Gamenomics - Veterans Gaming - Partner_tinyBuild
Gamenomics - Veterans Gaming - Partner_Microsoft
Gamenomics - Veterans Gaming - Partner_343i
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Since 2010, OSD’s Veteran Support Ecosystem™ has impacted over 1,000,000 veterans, active military and family members through award-winning programs emphasizing Social Connectivity, Professional Development, and Community Service.

We are each responsible for paying the proper respect to our veterans and their families after their selfless sacrifice. Through numerous tailored and impactful programs, OSD ensures our veterans thrive. We need your help to ensure this support is sustained.

OSD Programs:

Working together with our fellow community members OSD creates and nurtures an environment with the goal to improve our local communities and assist veterans as they transition to civilian life.

– Supply Drops™️
– Games to Grunts™️
– Heroes Gone Wild™️
– Boots to Books™️
– 8-Bit Salute
– Heroic Forces™️
– xPVN
– Task Force Java™️
… and more!

Your Donation Matters

Help improve mental health and wellness for Veterans and service members.

“Our operational tempo is quite high and when we have time off it is nice to be able to play games together and blow off steam. A Supply Drop is a great morale boost for our guys. Thank you!”

- SSG. Ernie G., US Army

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The Lancers OSD Supply Drop
455th Air Expeditionary Wing OSD Supply Drop
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