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What is Games to Grunts?

Games to Grunts is an Operation Supply Drop (OSD) program, launched in partnership with GovX, providing Xbox, Playstation, Mobile, VR and PC video games to active-military, veterans and their families. Many of us know the “Healing Power of Gaming” both from our time deployed where they provided distraction, unit cohesion and built camaraderie as well as when we came home as a way to stay connected with friends.

Why is Games to Grunts important?

We’ve become experts at putting games in the hands of troops and have learned a lot while distributing over 500,000 games in 6 years. Because OSD is first and foremost about community support, we noticed that the mechanism for getting games to troops hindered our ability to loop those we serve back into the community to provide them and their families further support. Digital Key distribution, preceding the Games to Grunts program, required sending a spreadsheet with gaming keys to a single point of contact on a post or in a unit, keeping us from cultivating a relationship at the individual level.Games to Grunts now solves this challenge by connecting OSD to the recipient ensuring they benefit from our services in a more personal and direct way.

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