Fort Worth, Texas Headquartered ‘Underground Cigar Shop’ Initiates Strategic Alliance with OSD to Support Troops Serving Overseas

AUSTIN, TEXAS & FORT WORTH, TEXAS (APRIL 16, 2018) /For immediate release/ Underground Cigar Shop (UG) in Ft. Worth, Texas is excited to partner with OSD (Operation Supply Drop) to put quality cigars directly into the hands of troops serving in all branches of the military.


The partnership launched in March at NFG18, the UG’s annual cigar event featuring cigar vendors from across the nation and over 300 guests.  OSD Director of Operations, Scott Morrison attended and showcased the work OSD is doing to bring quality of life gear, including some of the comforts of everyday, to our troops in the field.  

Morrison stated, “Being able to extend the type of support we provide to our deployed troops is crucial to our community growth. Adding UG as a partner, will not only boost the morale of our men and women overseas, but also initiate additional social activities here at home.”


The UG will promote donation drives and provide bundled packages that can be ordered online to be sent directly to OSD for distribution.  Don Wiggins, known as “King of Boutique” and co-founder of Underground Cigar Shop commented, “The great thing about OSD is that we can track exactly where and when the cigars are delivered, so we know that they are being enjoyed. Our regular customers are some of the craziest folks out there, and also some of the most generous. I expect that we will see a very active engagement in this effort.”


The partnership hopes to expand well beyond frequent donations of cigars for the troops. By providing cigars and hosting OSD Cigar Nights, the UG continues their support, providing an opportunity for veterans with shared experiences to come together in a relaxed environment to swap stories and build relationships. “We see a real opportunity to connect people and create a network of support for both active-duty troops and veterans, starting at the local level and expanding. There are a lot of skilled folks out there that just need to make the right connections. A lot can be accomplished over a casual smoke,” said Mark Scott, Co-Founder of the UG.


UG is putting together a collection drive to start this weekend and will include an OSD sampler for sale to allow those of us who aren’t in Fort Worth to easily show their appreciation on the website or over Facebook, and there will be more to come.


To learn more about how OSD’s programs and services are making an impact on the lives of members in our military community, visit To learn how you can make an impact through our programs and service, visit


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